Good Morning Poem: This little greeting…

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Good Morning Poem
This little greeting,
I’m sending your way.
Hoping that maybe,
I’ll brighten your day! 
With it comes happiness,
love and good cheer.
Wishing you laughter,
throughout the whole year. 
Not a tear in your eye,
but a smile on your face.
One that’s so bright
It lights up cyber space.
Laughter ringing so loud and true.
that no one around you
Could ever be blue. 
Just remember these wishes
I’m sending your way,
just hoping that maybe,
You’ll have a nice day!
Good Morning 

10 ways to love: Listen without interrupting ….

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10 ways to love

 Listen without interrupting

Speak without accusing

Give without sparking

Pray without ceasing

Answer without arguing

Share without pretending

Enjoy without complaint

Trust without wavering

Forgive without punishing

Promise without forgetting

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